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Already drive a car? You have an idea. If not, here is a typical cost breakdown.

This guide assumes you are just starting out, with no prior motorcycling experience.

Initial training
Introductory/basic course: $50 to $100
One/two day course and lerner permit/licence test: $180 to $250

The bike itself
For a mainstream 125 to 250cc bike or scoooter:
Secondhand: $1500 to $5000
New: $3000 to $8000

Riding apparel & protective gear
Helmet, cheaper/quality: $200 / $400
Textile/wet/winter jacket: $160 - $300
Leather jacket: $400 - $800
Leather trousers: $300 - $600
Riding boots:
Protective gloves: $60 - $150

Insurance & registration
Third party insurance: $120 - $300
Comprehensive insurance: $400 - $2500
Registration (with CTP): $300 - $400

Repairs, maintenance (annual)
Consumables (oil, spark plugs, tyres, brake pads): $500
Servicing: $300

The costs for the first year amounts to around $10,000 for a brand new bike and as low as $6,000 for a really cheap secondhand or thereabouts.

Not to mention the clubs you might join, paying up for track days, and the cost of petrol...

So budget properly. If you only just have enough to afford a really nice bike, forget it. Go for a cheap secondhand one, even if it is underpowered/doesn't look flash/unappealing. Chances are, you might drop it. And by spending less on the bike, you have more to spend on protective riding gear, which is what matters the most.

Over time, you will build up experience (and dough), and be well positioned to upgrade to a better bike. Plus, if your old bike didn't cost too much, you can usually re-sell it without much loss of value.


Elijah, Thu, 05 Sep 2013 05:53 pm:
This would be ideal if it were to incorporate a spin treainr .Then you could sit at your desk and get some lege exercise at the same time.

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