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If you're worried about how to get started, fear not. All the densly populated states will have one form or another of basic rider training, compulsorily in some cases. You will be taught all the basics, so by the time you have your learner permit, you will be able to start learning on the road.

New South Wales
The Motorcycle Rider Training Scheme operates in NSW, requiring prospective riders to undertake a compulsory rider training course before they are issued with a learner licence. Compulsory learner rider training operates in 'Declared Areas' (generally urban areas with training centres). Prospective riders who live in undeclared areas (such as rural areas) are not subject to the compulsory training.

Prospective riders must be at least sixteen years and nine months old before they can be issued with a learner licence. To obtain a learner licence, they must enrol into a 'pre-learner rider training' course. The pre-learner course runs for seven hours, and is split over two days (3 and a half hours each day).

After the pre-learner course is successfully completed, a certificate of competence will be issued. The certificate must be taken to a motor registry in order for the learner licence to be issued.

Learners under the age of 30 must hold their learner licence for at least three months before they attempt to take their Motorcycle Operator Skills Test (MOST). They will move to a 'Provisional' licence after they undertaking their MOST, regardless of whether they already have an unrestricted (full) car licence or not.

Pre-learner courses and MOST courses operate in various locations throughout NSW, and is run by RTA staff.

Mature aged learner riders aged over 30 years are not required to wait three months before taking the MOST. If they already have an unrestricted car licence, they will recieve an unrestricted motorcycle licence.

See the RTA's Motorcycle licensing page at for further information.

In Victoria, prospective riders are required to book a rider training course with a VicRoads accredited motorcycle training provider.

Prospective riders must be aged at least eighteen years old to obtain a learner permit.

Accredited training providers offer a variety of courses, from full learner courses down to permit testing only. Prospective riders generally need to undertake a full-day learner course if they have not ridden any motorcycle at all. The training provider will issue a learner permit on-the-spot after a test is successfully completed.

A learner rider in Victoria must hold a learner permit for at least three months before attempting to undertake a licence test. The learner permit is valid for fifteen months and cannot be renewed. Accordingly, the permit provides three months in which the rider must remain on their Ls, plus another twelve months during which the rider must take the licence test. If the learner permit expires, another test must be undertaken to obtain a new learner permit.

A learner rider who already holds a full car licence will be issued a full motorcycle licence after they successfully undertake the licence test. If the learner rider holds a probationary licence, their newly issued motorcycle licence will have the same probationary period as their car licence.

See VicRoads' Motorcycle page at for further information.

There are two paths that learner riders can take in Queensland: Q-SAFE and Q-Ride.

South Australia
The 'Rider Safe' course is a compulsory course


Western Australia

Northern Territory


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